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Welcome to the Lighting Selection Ceneter

Welcome to the lighting selection center for Garnet Reserve. Lighting By Design has prepared a professionally designed set of lighting packages for homeowners to choose from. Garnet Reserve offers three options for homeowners: 

Monthchanin Homes:

Please email your sales representative to schedule your appointment with the Lighting Designer.

Options & Pricing Subject to change due to covid-19 supply issues or other issues

Coopersmith & Brandywine Homes:

1. The PDF below outlines the options and the pricing for each package according to your home collections and other structural options. You may select a lighting package option from this PDF. 


2. The PDF below also offers options to swap out and customize the dining room and kitchen island pendent fixtures. Pricing is provided on the PDF.


3. Appointments are available for complete lighting packages by meeting directly with a designer at Lighting By Design. These appointments comes with a minimum spend. 

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