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Thank you for choosing us to build your dream home.


Options & Pricing Subject to change due to covid-19 supply issues or other issues


This page serves to help you in the process of customizing your new home. You will work through some of the selections on your own by reviewing and choosing certain portions of the customization. Other portions you will work with one of our third party designers to choose your selections. Below is a quick summary to give some guidance of the next steps. When you are ready, select the link below to enter the Design Center. 

1. Appliances: Review the Appliance options. You will make appliance selections with your Garnet Reserve Buyer's Representative. You will need to fully select and sign your selection sheet for appliances before meeting with the Kitchen Designer. 

2. Kitchen: Once you review your Appliance options, setup an appointment with the Kitchen Designer to customize the cabinets and countertops for your kitchen and bathroom. In order to meet with the Kitchen Designer, you will need to sign and send your appliance selections sheet to your representative at Garnet Reserve. You will need to sign off on the Kitchen 

3. Electric: After you have signed off on Kitchen & Appliances, setup an appointment with the Electrical Designer to customize the electric and other technology options for your home. They will need to know about your kitchen layout and appliances. 


4. Plumbing Fixtures: Take a look through the options for all plumbing fixtures including: faucets, bathtubs and even custom toilets. You will work with a representative from Ferguson. 

5. Flooring: This section displays the options for hardwood flooring, carpet, tile and backsplash. Speak with your Garnet Reserve Buyer's representative to make your selection. An estimated pricing sheet is available to get started budgeting for flooring.

6. Lighting: Selections for lighting are conducted with our Lighting Design Team. In order to move forward with Lighting: a complete Electric plan (Step 3) will need to be completed. 

7. Outdoor Environment: View some options for outdoor space or customize your own.

8. Other Home Details: Other options will need to be decided such as door hardware, color of shower doors, etc.

9. Fireplace options: View options for fireplaces (if opted) and make you selections with your Garnet Reserve Buyer's Representative for a Ventless Gas or Linear Fireplace. 


The Design 


All items, pricing and selections are subject to change.

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